She said YES!!!


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Christian Surfers International


Christian Surfers International is indeed international, and our chapter here in Peru is booming! Here's just a sample of what it is that Christian Surfers as a missions organization does. This outreach has truly been a blessing to me as an avenue of service here in Peru, South America.

I found my Mini-Van!


On this last trip to the United States, I began to miss my VW van so much I began experiencing withdraws. Just 3 days into my month long trip in San Diego, I happened to walk into a local drug store looking for some gum. As I stood in the check out line, I looked down I saw a spitting replica of my beloved van back in Peru. It's crazy how God provides in such clever ways. It wasn't the real thing, but it got me through until I returned.



This is such a great video. My friend Josh Garrels plays the background music in one of the most inspiring videos I've seen yet. I'm normally not drawn to emotional type videos such as these, but this one was different. I hope this video impacts you as much as it did for me.

Sam Dlodlo from Zimbabwa, you are my new hero......

Canta, Peru ~ New Photos!


I just got back from another amazing adventure here in Peru up to a small town about 4 hours outside the city of Lima called Canta.The weekend was especially great being that a small group of men serving here within the Calvary Chapel Bible College took a weekend trip up into the Andes Mnts for a men's retreat.

"How" and "who" found this place, is still the greater mystery after coming down off the mountain. Apparently"someone" within the Calvary community back in Lima found this place a few years back, and had recommended it for weekend get-a-ways. It wasn't bad besides the fact it was at 8,800 feet and nothing was there besides a small mountain farming community that owned WAY to many donkeys.

Kid you not, I think I saw more donkeys in this small village than the entire country of Peru combined. Needless to say, the trip went well, and a few brothers in Christ are now stronger than before setting out up the mountain.

Click HERE to see the photos

New Ministry Bus


After an entire year of prayer, searching and more prayer, I was finally able to find the van of my dreams, for the price I was able to pay!

Say hello to the newest part of the family, my new 1992 VW Combi Bus!

I haven't come up with a name for it yet, but usually good nicknames take some time.

God is Good!

To see more photos, click here

Trip to Pisco


Here in Pisco, and brandnew and very exciting ministry has recently begun. God is working in amazing ways in this very poor and poverished area south of Lima.

Pisco was home to a 8.5 earthquake just 5 years ago. Shortly after this devastating quake, to add insult to injury, a tsunami wave which was caused by the quake came from the nearby ocean and utterly whipped out the remaining parts of the destructed city. Truly a sad and scene.

Pisco is a small fishing village that thrives on it's daily catch and market sales to feed it's residents. With so much destruction, the fishing industry has been turned upside down, and now almost 6 years later, they still struggle to flourish.

On this trip, I was brought to his area to see first hand the destruction and the slow rebuilding process which has already begun. There has recently been a Calvary Chapel church plant in the downtown area, which has already seen a very hungry and growing congregation.

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Amazon Missions


During the course of this last summer, I had the chance to lead a small group of youth on some of the most amazing missions experiences I have ever embarked on.

The name of the group was YSOM, which stands for Youth Summer of Missions. These guys were incredible! For almost 2 months I had the opportunity to travel, fellowship, teach and even be taught by some of the most talented and willing up and coming missionaries I had ever met.

Take a look at some of the adventures we had together while traveling through the Peruvian Amazon jungles.

Yasmin comes to California


This last Christmas, I was able to bring my lovely "better-half" home with me to California. This was truly a very special time for the both of us.

Yasmin was finally able to come home with me to the United States to meet my family, and to see where it is exactly I am from. I don't think she had any idea what to expect, and neither did my parents! But everything went perfect, and we all had a great time fellowshipping with one another.

If you would like to see all the photos from the trip, just click HERE.


We're getting the band back together!!!


On a recent trip up into the small village of Huanuco, I was able to get my old band back together! Hahaha, Ok, just kidding.

It was so weird to see a mariachi bang so far up into the Andies Mountains though. How random! I always thought these guys were only in Mexico.

A Week at the Orphanage


What started out as "Mission Dig a Hole" turned into "Mission Find a Inca Wall".

No joke! It's actually a funny story. I had the chance to bring an awesome group of guys out to the Casa de Ninos orphanage for a week long missions trip to dig a new hole and conduct some overall maintenance on the property. Well, half way down we hit some rock. Come to find out we uncovered an ancient Inka aqueduct wall.

This thing was older than the United States has even been a country.

Be sure to check out all of the photos. Click here!

New Prayer Cards


My new prayer cards are now available! If anyone would like one, please contact me and I will be more than happy to mail one out for you.

Calvary Chapel Port Saint Lucie - Missions 2009


This one of the most amazing weeks of ministry I've experienced yet. Thank you so much for all you brought to Peru guys. I hope this video can at least shed just a hint of light of how great this week of ministry really was for all that were involved.

It's About Time I Got Recognized!


In Lima, Peru there are no vans, only combis, which is a van.....Don't ask.....

It's about time that I was actually recognized here in Lima. Watch out, I'm somebody!

Amazon Missions


Here are some more shots from our last trip into the Peruvian Amazon jungles. This was truly an adventure of a lifetime. To see more photos click on the link on the above post under "Amazon Missions".

The Rugged Peruvian Coastline


The coastline here in Peru is incredible. The desert literally comes right down to the sea. We stopped this day at a small peninsula about an hour south of Lima called La Isla. Nobody around but us, and a few fishing boats.

The water is cold, the sea is rough and the scenery is somehow, simple, but breathtaking.

Click on photos for a larger view

Never Thought The Day Would Come


While on a recent trip into the Amazon jungles, I came across this baby anaconda. Yes, this is a real snake, and yes I really kissed it. Might not of been the smartest thing I've ever done, but hey, at least it'll makes for a great story one day.

They say that after this size, anacondas become agressive and don't like to be picked up. I guess you can kinda relate it to human teenagers. They're all cute and nice until they get to middle school, then they just become to cool for school and at times, just down right nasty.

Might not be the greatest comparission, but that's what I felt when I picked up this beast of a snake.

Ben Howard-Keep Your Head Up


Cerra Azul - Inka Ruins


Cerra Azul is one of the most interesting and spectacular places I've ever visited. I was asked to come on this trip to first and foremost help lead a Christian surf instructor while he accompanied a training camp.

But what started out as a opportunity to help others learn to surf, while having the chance to minister to them, turned out to be an amazing chance of a lifetime to site-see a long forgotten city. Cerra Azul was originally built literally thousands of years ago for ancient Inka people to load and unload cargo ships coming in from sea.

An entire city was built into the very side of this mountain. You will have to click on the images to open them for a larger view of the ruins. The rich history around every corner here in Peru is just mind blowing.

Summer Concert Series


Awareness Summer Concerts


Playing for Change - No More Trouble


Playing for Change - Stand by me


Huanuco 2009


National Hi -5 Day!


Today in Lima was the National Hi-5 day! Everyone was asked to give their fellow neighbor and good O'l fashion Hi-5. Good times! 

I love this city!

Huanuco Missions Photos


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